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Basic Health Care Package

Basic health checkup lets you know the status of your most important body organs and overall functions. Under basic health package, the following tests are conducted:

  • Thyroid Profile [1 test]: Check your thyroid gland's performance, which regulates metabolism and your energy levels
  • Diabetes Profile: [1 test]: Perform liver test to check for diabetes
  • Lipid Profile [7 tests]: Measure the risk of developing heart diseases, stroke, or cardiovascular issues
  • Liver Profile [10 tests]: Checks liver health by analyzing enzymes, proteins, and other substances
  • Kidney Profile [5 tests]: 
  • Complete Hemogram [26 tests]: 
  • Bone and Joint [2 tests]: 
Prevent health package. Recommended for age group.

Who requires basic health checkup?

If you want to evaluate your health but don't have a large budget, this is perfect for you.
Rs 3500 Rs 3500
Home Collection Rs 0
Total Amount Rs 3500
* inclusive of all the taxes, fees

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